Using the Advisor

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The following image shows the user interface of the advisor component. You can find an animation explaining how to use the advisor component at our Demos page.

The User Interface of the Advisor Component


1. Starting the Advisor Component

To start the advisor component, first click on the tab «EC-Unit».
Ratg1 en.png

Then activate the tab «Explanation» to open the advisor component.

Ratg2 en.png

2. The Advisor Component

The advisor component is vertically divided into two parts. The left part contains the questionnaire, the right part shows the advice, which trainees will get from the system.
Ratg3 en.png

If you start the advisor for the first time, the questionnaire is always empty. Click on the button «get Candidates» to load the questions. Now, the options are listed.

Ratg4 en.png

3. Selecting an Advice

Now you have the opportunity to select one of the advice options, and after clicking the «show candidates» button, you will get the related advice.
Ratg5 en.png

The next image shows some appropriate advice examples:

Ratg6 en.png

4. Deselection

Before you can select a new question from the questionnaire, you have to cancel the previous selected question. Therefore click on the button «Turn back».