The Simulation with the “SimulationPlus” component

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Below, you can see the interface of the "SimulationPlus" component. Via mouse clicks, the commands are chosen and combined from a list of documents and parameters. They are send to the simulation core via the Send command button. For a small animation, please click on the image below.

You can find the demo on the Demos page


1. The Interface

The "SimulationPlus" component is an extension of the SESAM user interface. With this component, trainees don’t have to type every single command into a text box. They can easily select them by mouse clicks. This component is introduced in the following.


2. Entering Commands

Commands are selected by mouse clicks from a predefined list of commands. In the following example, the command "hire Richard" is selected. This means that the developer Richard will be hired from the pool of available developers.

After selecting a command, one has to click on the button «Send command».


3. Advancing the Simulation Time

There are two possibilities to proceed the time during a simulation run:

a) Step in time day by day: To advance the simulation time by one day, click on the button «Proceed».


b) Step in time by several days: To advance the simulation time by several days, enter the amount of steps (days) and then click on the Button «Proceed».


4. Feedback from the Simulator

The feedback from the simulator is shown in above part of the simulation window. Some examples of feedback presented:
  • Feedback after a "Proceed": After a proceed the simulation date is increased by one workday.
New command: 1 step(s) to proceed.

Command accepted. 1999/08/12/08:00:

  • Feedback when a developer has finished his work: When a developer has finished his activity, there is also a feedback. In the following example, the developer Axel has finished working on the specification.

Axel: What an interesting project. Here's the specification. I'll be happy to work more on the project. If you want me, of course.