Features of the QA Model / Part 2

From Ameise-en


  • The model is very complex, and a lot of calculations have to be performed. Therefore, the execution of several commands may take a certain amount of time.
  • All commands, which are not immediately confirmed with a feedback after a proceed will not be executed. This may be due to problems of command recognition or the model does not allow an action because of the current situation.
  • Exceptions:
    • "finish/quit activity" does not give a feedback if the developer has no job at all.
    • "show available developers" does not give any feedback if there are no free developers available.
    • "show hired employees" does not give any feedback if no developers are hired.
    • "integrate" requires that at least 50% of the requirements have been implemented in the code. Otherwise, the commando will not be executed.

Work Packages

  • Big tasks are fragmented into work packages. These packages enable parallel working, but it does not make sense to let several developers working on one package.

Errors in Documents

  • Errors that are found in reviews or tests are not correcting themselves!
  • If a review/test report is submitted, and there were already several subsequent documents developed, it is possible to let a developer correct all errors of these subsequent documents("correct all documents").


  • Do not forget to integrate the code. A delivery to the customer is only possible if at least 50% of the requirements have been integrated.