Using the Simulator

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Starting a new Simulation Run

If you start a new Simulation Run , a «Proceed» is executed automatically.

With it, the model gets initialized. Commands which are entered before this Proceed are not executed by the simulator. However, a saved simulation run can be continued without executing a Proceed!

Input of Commands

Projects can be managed by trainees by entering commands via the interface of the simulation component. Trainees receive feedback in the form of messages from the system. For example, by selecting the command Specify, a trainee briefs a developer to create the specification.

The simulator then reacts by telling that the developer has started this activity. After some steps in time, by pressing the Proceed button, the system informs us that the developer has finished working on the specification.

Step in Time during the Project

There are two possibilities to proceed the time during the simulation run:

  1. Step in time day by day
  2. Step in time by several days

Step in time day by day

To step in time day by day, trainees can click on the «Proceed» button. If one clicks on this button, the project time will change to the next day, also meaning that the project status of the next day will be calculated.

Step in time by several days

When trainees want to skip the project time by several days, they can enter the desired number of steps in the field «Number of steps». Afterwards, a click on the button «Proceed» increases the project time by the chosen number of days. Every feedback that occurs during this period of time will be displayed in the simulation window(where you can use the scroll bar to see older messages).

Execution of the Simulation

The simulation run can be executed with the SimulationPlus - Component.