Classification of the Evaluation Criteria

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Based on the various evaluation criteria it is possible to start evaluations during and at the end of simulation runs. These evaluations are useful to analyze characteristics of a project run. Of course, some evaluation criteria(such as the "Expense over all phases" ) only make sense at the end of a simulation run.

The following table summarizes all implemented evaluation criteria(for readability reasons, the evaluation criteria have been classified in areas covering similar types).

Pin.gif Objectives
Pin.gif Completness of Documents
Pin.gif Remaining Errors in Documents
Pin.gif Efficiency of Reviews or Tests
Pin.gif Effectiveness of Reviews
Pin.gif Losses by Reviews or Tests
Pin.gif Expenses
Pin.gif Authors of Documents
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Evaluations at the End of a Simulation Run

At the end of this section, the various evaluations, that can be started during or at the end of the simulation runs are presented.