Evaluation Criteria

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The following objectives can be evaluated and retrieved:

  • Project duration
  • Budget
  • AFPs realised in the code as a percentage
  • Errors per KLOC
  • AFPs realised in the manuals as a percentage
  • Errors per page in the manuals

Objectives are the most important evaluation criteria. At the end of a simulation run, trainees want to know if they have managed the project within the budget, in time and if they have achieved the AFPs required for the code and manuals. The evaluation component provides a textual description for every objective.

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Completeness of Documents

This criterion gives an overview of the completeness of the documents(specification, system design, modul design, code, manuals) and is presented to trainees in the form of a diagram.

Remaining Errors in Documents

Another important evaluation criterion gives an overview, how many errors are still left in the documents. You can distinguish the following evaluations:

  • Remaining errors in Documents
  • Remaining errors in the Specification
  • Remaining errors in the System Design
  • Remaining errors in the Module Design
  • Remaining errors in the Code
  • Remaining errors in the Manuals

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Efficiency of Reviews or Tests

This criterion relates the effort of reviews or tests, the errors found and the effort to correct these errors. These diagrams show at a glance, whether a review or test was performed efficiently or not.

  • Efficiency of the Specification Reviews
  • Efficiency of the System Design Reviews
  • Efficiency of the Module Design Reviews
  • Efficiency of Code Reviews
  • Efficiency of Manual Reviews
  • Efficiency of Module Tests
  • Efficiency of System Testing
  • Efficiency of Integration Tests

Effectiveness of Reviews

This evaluation criterion relates to the errors still remaining in the documents located during reviews. Thereby, it can be determined if trainees have employed the proper reviewers.

  • Effectiveness of Specification Reviews
  • Effectiveness of System Design Reviews
  • Effectiveness of Modul Design Reviews
  • Effectiveness of Code Reviews
  • Effectiveness of Manual Reviews

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Losses by Reviews or Tests

This evaluation criterion shows the number of AFPs, which were lost during reviews and tests. This loss can be caused by a bad choice of reviewers.Therefore, the trainees should always consider the qualification of a reviewer.

  • Losses in Tests
  • Losses in Reviews


This evaluation criterion shows the expenses of each single phase(Specification, Design, Code, Test, Manual).

Authors of Documents

This evaluation should check if trainees have used the proper developers for the different phases. The following evaluation options are available:

  • Author / authors of Specification
  • Author / authors of System Design
  • Author / authors of Module Design
  • Author / authors of the Code
  • Author / authors of the Manuals