The Advisor

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The advisor can be asked by the trainee if he/she is in trouble.

Purpose of the Advisor

The task of the advisor is to provide the trainee with a couple of questions from a predefined catalog. When the trainee chooses one of these questions, the advisor will answer it. The advisor has an own interface in the simulation environment. The advice possibilities are snap - shots, they only refer to the actual state of the simulation run. Hence, the advisor is not able to judge on aspects which would need long-term observations of a simulation run.


The following list includes advices, which can be delivered by the advisor on demand:

  1. Predecessor phases should not be forgotten.
    Phases always need a previous document as a basis. If this document is missing the phase is doomed to failure.
  2. The predecessor phase should be finished before starting a new phase.
    It is important for subsequent phases, that the predecessor phase and the emerged previous document have been finished by more than 50% to enable an overlapping of these phases. If this is not the case, the initiated phase fails. The limit of 50% depends on the model. (QA Model).
  3. The predecessor phase should be reviewed before starting a new phase.
    To build on results of phases, it is important to review these phases. After the review, trainees know that the result of this phase still contains errors. These errors need to be corrected, in order to not adopt them into the follow-up phase.
  4. The predecessor phase should be corrected based on the review before starting a new phase.
    After the review, it is important to correct the remaining errors to avoid error propagation in following phases.
  5. Testing activities should be followed by corrective activities.
    A part from a review, trainees also can carry out tests to find errors in documents. These errors also have to be corrected in order to obtain a correct document.
  6. Incomplete documents should be subjected to a further review.
    During a simulation run, it may happen that single phases don’t meet enough requirements or exhibit too many errors. If the advisor recognizes a situation like this, he can react and give advice to improve the phase.

Please note that

The Feedback of the Advisor can be positive or negative!

The feedback of the advisor depends on the current state of the phase or an activity. The answer to e.g. the question whether the specification has to be revised depends on the completeness of the specification document. If the specification already satisfies the requirements, this will be communicated to the trainee. If not, the trainee will get the advice to revise the document. The advisor can not judge on phases, which have not yet been started! In this case, the trainee gets a message, stating that there is not enough data available for assessment.