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===[[Tutorial Documents|Documents for AMEISE Tutors]]===
===[[Tutorial Documents|Documents for AMEISE Tutors]]===
* Login required
* Login required

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AMEISE Literature

Documents for AMEISE Simulation Runs

Documents for AMEISE Tutors

  • Login required

Documents for AMEISE Trainees

  • Documents and Materials for attendees of CSEE&T 2013

General Documents (Papers, Presentations)

  • Slides and Tutorial Documents to didactic diversity of AMEISE (SEUH'05 Conference, Aachen, February 2005). German Version!
  • Newsletter FNM (Forum New Media Newsletter, released on April 2002) German Version!
  • Unisono Article ( University Klagenfurt, released on December 2001) German Version!
  • Poster Demo Handout (presented at 2nd Business Meeting Forum New Media, June 7th,2001) German Version!
  • CSEE&T Document (26th Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training, May 2012)