Starting the Simulator

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The first component trainees get in contact with is the registration component. For this, the AMEISE - Client has to be started. In DOS and Unix this can be done by entering the command

java -jar Client.jar

or in Windows by clicking on

AMEISE - Client

After starting the AMEISE - Client, trainees must login to the system.

The Registration

Trainees must be logged on to start working with the client.

a) Type in your Username and Password and confirm with «OK».
The Registration

b) When the registration was successful, a simulation window appears, showing the username of the trainee in the lower right corner.

When you are logged in, the username will be displayed in the lower Right Corner

Select a Simulation Run

After successfully logging in, a window is displayed, where you can choose between new, pending and already finished simulation runs. If you choose a finished simulation run, it is only possible to analyze it.

Choose an open simulation run and click on «Choose».

Choose an open Simulation Run

A new simulation run is started. After loading the model, a «Proceed» is executed automatically! With that, the model gets initialized. Then, trainees can see a brief job description:

The Console after the Initialization