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| '''a)''' Type in your '''Username''' and '''Password''' and comfirm with «OK».
| '''a)''' Type in your '''Username''' and '''Password''' and comfirm with «OK».
[[Image:Client anmelden name passwort.png|center|thumb|400px|The Registration]]
[[Image:Client anmelden name passwort.png|center|thumb|400px|The Registration]]

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The first component which players get in contact with is the registration component.Therefore the AMEISE-Client has to be started. In DOS and Unix this is done by entering the command

java -jar Client.jar

or in Windows by clicking


After starting the AMEISE-client the player has to login to the system.

The Registration

The player has to be logged in to enable the client.

a) Type in your Username and Password and comfirm with «OK».

b) If the registration is successful, a simulation display appears, which shows the username of the trainee in the lower right corner.

File:Client angemeldet.png
If you are logged in, the user name is displayed in the lower right corner

Select a Simulation Run

After successful login a window is displayed,where you can choose between open and finished simulation runs. If you choose a finished simulation run it is only possible to analyse it.

Choose an open simulation run and click on «Choose Simulation Run».

File:Client spielauswahl.png
Choose an open Simulation Run

A new Simulation run is started. After loading the model a «Proceed» is automatically executed! The model thereby leading initializations that are absolutely necessary. Then the player will see a brief explanation about the software project to be conducted:

File:Client nach dem anmelden.png
Console after initialization