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Project Overview and Motivation

Good project management is one of the key factors for the successful implementation of a (software) project. Often the training of project managers in the field of project management is strongly neglected. The education of a project manager is usually only theoretical.

The Simulation of Projects

To improve the training, the SESAM-Project (Software-Engineering-Simulation through Animated Models)has been developed in the department of Software Engineering at the University of Stuttgart. Beside the theoretical component, a realistic component should complete the education of students. SESAM offers the opportunity for students to simulate different projects because it is not possible to allow every student to lead a real project during their bachelor degree course. This approach is also very interesting for the training of future project managers in the industry, because it can be accomplished quickly and cheaply.


In the context of training a trainee simulates projects on a simulator, where he is in the position of a project leader and interacts with customers, developers and documents. The simulation is divided into closed time sections and the project is controlled by different commands.

The Training Environment offers trainees the following options:

  • The simulation shows how ressources should be used.
  • If a trainee changes ressources or the development process, the simulation shows them the consequences of their actions
  • Trainees are getting confronted with situations, that arise normally on real projects


The simulation is based on models that include all relevant aspects of a project.The Model which must be loaded in the simulator decides which project is taken. In additon to the QS-Model it is also possible to execute the simulation with other models.