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AMEISE Client User - Interface

Short Description

AMEISE provides students of informatics, business - and economical informatics as well as subject-related university or college studies the opportunity to gather project management experience on a simulator. (more...)



2013-04-05 AMEISE English Webpage online

The AMEISE Webpage is now available in English. When you are interested in AMEISE, then you are now able to learn more about the project in English.




  • Here you can find a list of all persons and institutions who worked or still work on the AMEISE project.

Developers Portal

  • This link leads to the developers portal of AMEISE (please note that a login is required!)

Quality Assurance

  • Here you can find the AMEISE questionnaire to give us valuable information for improving the system.

Getting AMEISE

Download and Changelog

  • By following this links you are able to download the latest AMEISE client and AMEISE server and check for recent changes.

Ameise Users

  • This page contains a list of all locations where AMEISE was and is used.

Tutorial and Demos

If you are interested in knowing how AMEISE works, please read the Tutorial Document and watch our demos.

Help and FAQs

Here you can find a list of documents, which are available in the context of the AMEISE project. Common questions are also answered in the FAQs.