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=== Version 5.0 ===
=== Version 5.0 ===
* released March 15, 2015
* released March 21, 2015
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Version 5.0

  • released March 21, 2015


  • New REQ-C14-01, Client interface supports multiple selection of arguments (Santina)
  • New REQ-C14-02, AORTA toolkit and Client support password encryption (Dano)
  • New REQ-S14-01, Development environment moved to git (Dano)


  • Fixed CR-C14-01, System crashes due to too many parallel requests (Dano)
  • Fixed CR-C14-02, Performance problems with MySQL database (Bollin)

Version 3.4

  • released May 15, 2007


  • New REQ-S07-01, Adding a new command (show me all activities) (Bollin)
  • New REQ-C07-03, Removing the friendly peer component due to resource problems (Pohl)
  • New REQ-C07-04, Advisor gives context-sensitive feedback (Pohl, Kury)


  • Fixed CR-C07-01, Client timeouts during a simulation run due to database deadlocks (Pohl)
  • Fixed CR-C07-02, Incorrect synchronisation of the supervisor components (Pohl)
  • Fixed CR-C06-13, Special characters in the command selection list (Bollin)
  • Fixed CR-C06-02, Old database initialization scripts (Pohl)

Version 3.3

  • released Dec. 15, 2006


  • New REQ-C06-05, The feedback of the simulator is formatted as html text(Pohl)
  • New REQ-C06-06, Line breaks are added for a better reading of texts by users (Pohl)
  • New REQ-S06-06, Changing the model to cover the whole academic year 2007 (Bollin)


  • Fixed CR-C06-04, AORTA handout merged different simulation runs in several graphs (Pohl)
  • Fixed CR-C06-03, Simulation core crash due to a SESAM bug (Bollin)