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{{NavigatorBar|The Friendly Peer|Starting the Simulator}}
{{NavigatorBar|The Friendly Peer|Starting the Simulator}}
[[de:Hinweise zu den Unterstützungswerkzeugen]]
[[de:Hinweise der Unterstützungswerkzeuge]]
[[en:Advices of the Support Tools]]
[[en:Advices of the Support Tools]]

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The following list includes support tool advice relevant for the used QA model. Trainees get the advice directly from the advisor or the friendly peer, to identify and avoid difficult situations.

Allocation of the identifying Advice on the Support Tools

Advice Tool(s)
Friendly Peer Advisor
The author should not be used as a reviewer. Hackerl.gif
The author of a document should also correct it himself/herself. Hackerl.gif
Previous phases should not be forgotten. Hackerl.gif Hackerl.gif
The previous phase should be finished before starting the next phase. Hackerl.gif Hackerl.gif
The previous phase should be checked before starting the next phase. Hackerl.gif Hackerl.gif
Documents developed during the previous phase should be corrected based on the relevant review reports before starting the next phase. Hackerl.gif Hackerl.gif
A new review can only be performed after a successful correction based on a preceded review. Hackerl.gif
After each test, corrective tasks have to be performed. Hackerl.gif Hackerl.gif
The customer should participate in reviews of specification and manuals. Hackerl.gif
Writing the manuals should be already started in early phases. Hackerl.gif
Do not change employees frequently. Hackerl.gif
The activities and workload of your developers should be observed. Hackerl.gif
Staff assignment should be observed in each single phase. Hackerl.gif
Employees should not be removed prematurely from a phase. Hackerl.gif
Removing employees should be thought about carefully. Hackerl.gif
Employees should be assigned to activities which they are qualified for. Hackerl.gif
Incomplete documents should be subjected to a further revision. Hackerl.gif