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License Agreement for AMEISE-Software (Version Mai 2005)


§ 1. AMEISE (A Media Education Initiative for Software Engineering) has been developed under contract NML 1-77/2001, granted by the Austrian Ministry of Education, Science and Research (bm:bwk) by a consortium led by the Institut für Informatik-Systeme, Universität Klagenfurt, with partner Institutions Technikum Kärnten and Universität Linz.

§ 2. By contract with the bm:bwk, Austrian institutions of higher education may use AMEISE as it is for their original educational purposes free of charge. Installation or instructional or other services provided by members of the AMEISE consortium are to be reimbursed on the basis of mutual agreement.

§ 3. AMEISE is built around SESAM, developed by the Institut für Software-Technologie of Universität Stuttgart. The team of Stuttgart University provided (and provides) its SESAM sources for educational purposes under the conditions of the GNU general public license free of charge. The SESAM developers are entitled in turn, to use AMEISE developments on a reciprocal basis.

§ 4. Besides SESAM, the current version of AMEISE contains and or depends upon only code developed by the consortium or other free (GNU licensed) software.

Specific regulations for Developers (Developers-License)

§ 5. The AMEISE development team resp. the Institut für Informatik-Systeme of the Alps-Adriatic University Klagenfurt grants, on the basis of an AMEISE training, access to its source code for educational purposes and for further development of the system on the basis of the GNU general public license free of charge.

§ 6 In partial return and in addition to the obligations according to § 8, those licensees who obtained sources in the intention to improve and further develop SESAM, AMEISE, or its respective environment provide the licensor with their own developments free of charge and free from obligations. The licensor is entitled but not required to include those developments in future AMEISE distributions under this or related license agreements.

Specific regulations for other Licensees (Users-License)

§ 7. The AMEISE development team res. the Institut für Informatik-Systeme of the Alps-Adriatic University Klagenfurt provides on the basis of an AMEISE training educational institutions interesting in using AMEISE in their regular educational programme with binaries resp. JAR-files of the AMEISE system for application in said educational programme.

Further conditions for all Licensees

§ 8. Licensees provide the AMEISE team with feedback on their use of the system, thus contributing to the experience base of using the system and thus also indirectly to the further development of the system.

§ 9. Licensees grant the AMEISE team the right to mention their use of the system in AMEISE related publications.

§10. Commercial use of AMEISE, irrespective of educational or otherwise, is permitted based on the condition that 50 % of the net revenue are donated to the AMEISE development fund (AMEISE project). Licensees who contributed to the further development of AMEISE by means of providing new models or new software are entitled to keep an adequate share of this donation for their own, local development fund, thus ensuring further maintenance and improvement of their own developments.

§11. Licensees under this agreement are not permitted to transfer this or any other AMEISE-related license to third parties. Interested third parties are to be referred directly to the AMEISE team.

The above has been read and is willingly agreed upon by using the AMEISE software.

(c) 2001-2007, AMEISE Project, Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt